Global Agreement Specimen:

Agreement for Global Recruitment Services


This agreement is executed at [Place] and entered into this agreement by and between;


(The First Party)

 1 – Conver2 HR Solutions a company registered under the laws of Pakistan act, hereinafter referred to as the First Party having its office in Lahore Pakistan.


Conver2 HR Solutions

Licence No.: OP & HRD/3510/LHR/2014

Office 412, 4th Floor, Khaleej Tower,

38-A Jail Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

Mobile No.:  +92-345-7527777


(The Second Party)   

2 – [Employer Name] Firm organized under the laws of [Country] act. Hereinafter  referred to as the “The Second Party” having its office in [Country].


[Employer Address]

[Company Registration No.]


[Contact Details]


Whereas the Second Party intends to obtain Manpower services from Pakistan and offered to the first Party, whereas the first party is specialized in providing the local & overseas recruitment services. Now therefore, the two legal entities executed agreement as follow;


  1. The First Party is responsible to select candidate after conducting interview and adopting proper procedure in accordance with requirement of the Second Party.
  2. If candidate found unfit due to technical reasons, Conver2 HR Solutions Will pay [Amount] visa fees and return ticket to the [Employer Name] subject to reasons record in writing and passing on the same to First Party.
  3. Deployment of candidates after receipt of all recruitment documents within 45 days of their selection.
  4. All the candidates should have experience in the respective Job description.


Recruitment Procedure / Policy:

We shall conduct survey as per specification and requirement of the job in terms of function, qualification and experience as desired job by the Second Party.


We shall source candidates primarily through:-


  • ADVERTISEMENT (in leading newspapers and on different websites)
  • DATA BANK: Ready pool of candidates for different posts is on computer, web sites, and regular updating of databases.
  • SKILL SEARCH TECHNIQUES: In special cases other appropriate procedures be adopted and search the right candidates for the Second Party.
  • HEAD HUNTING: For senior positions, the regular sourcing method may not be effective in denitrifying the “cream de la crème” of professionals for you; we do it by establishing relationship with senior personnel working in the Pakistan industry without advertising.
  • ON CAMPUS HUNTING: For recruitment of fresher’s we approach in different Human Resources Department and Engineering faculties of Main Universities of Pakistan for on campus Securitization and shortlisting of candidates as well as we apply all other personal resources to approach the best candidates available in Pakistani Market.

Our Technical Consultants will conduct preliminary screening and interviews before deployment.


We shall make a shortlist of candidates on the basis of the preliminary interviews according to the candidates’ potentials and experience.


Further Test shall be conducted to obtain an in-depth technical knowledge of the person.


The candidates shall be explained the terms and conditions of their employment contract in detail.


Medical examination will be conducted for each selected candidates and the fitness report shall be provided in detail for all the candidates deployed.


We shall complete all pre-departures, visa endorsement, passport / immigration clearance, ticketing and conducting orientation programs.




  1. The company will provide the required document to the agency, as mutually agreed in the meeting before collecting the original documents.
  2. We shall complete all pre departure formalities viz visa endorsement, Passport immigration, ticketing and conducting orientation programs.
  3. [Employer Name] will give visa only and Conver2 HR Solutions will be responsible for processing of Visa and Ticket of any Airport of Pakistan to The [Candidate’s Destination City & Country Name].


(The First Party)

Imran Anjum


Conver2 HR Solutions

Office 412, 4th  Floor, Khaleej Tower,

38-A Jail Road, Lahore, Pakistan.


(The Second Party)

[Signing Authority Name]


[Employer Name]